Raves & Applause

Hi Becky and Ben!  Oh my. I just went through them (the photos) and I’m overwhelmed. Every emotion rolled out of me. Chuckles, tears, laughter, sighs…I love them. Can’t wait to share them. Thank you so much. We’ll be in touch for prints. Please use us as a reference anytime.” –  Mindy B. (Mother of Groom)


“Becky was amazing to work with! When we were trying to choose a photographer she was the first one to respond to me right away. She continually always got back to me right away with any questions I had during our 1 1/2 year engagement and was happy to answer them. When we first met her for our engagement session we knew we had made the right choice! She was so fun to work with and really made us feel comfortable when we had no idea what we were doing. Our friends and family were amazed by the canoe shots she took of us. After that we could not wait to have her photograph the wedding. We lucked out and were able to have her husband Ben also shoot our wedding. Our photographs are simply amazing. She captured every moment of the day for us. The night rain photos she captured are truly unbelievable. Our family and friends continue to comment on how great our photographer was. It would be the easiest decision a future bride and groom could make to choose Brown Street Studios!” – Megan H. (Bride)


“A quality photographer was a top priority for me when I was picking out my vendors. Your special day goes so fast and years down the road you want to be able to look back at your candid photos like a storybook, so that you remember exactly how you felt in that moment. That is what Becky was able to capture with absolute perfection. Becky was a delight to work with the entire day (and I mean she was there the entire day!). She was courteous to me and all of my guests while being efficient about getting all of our pictures scheduled out for the day; she was incredibly fun and creative. If you want someone who loves her job, will have a smile on her face the entire day, and go above and beyond to capture every beautiful detail and moment of your wedding –the answer is Becky without question!’ – Trina P. (Bride)


“Our best choice out of the many many choices one must make in planning a wedding. Use Becky! She was warm, fun, ever present. She was quiet, assertive and creative. She was prepared and knew what pictures people want. She actually made the wedding memory even better. YES! We recommend 100% Look no further.” – Nancy S. (Mother of the Bride)


“She does more than weddings, but it is her true passion. She is outstanding photography. Contact her because she recently moved to the Milwaukee area, but is currently doing weddings all over Wisconsin and in Northern IL. She is very artistic and creative, and will produce outstanding photos to keep the memories alive.” – Calynn W. (Bride)


“AMAZING photographer!!! Becky is truly talented! Her photos are gorgeous.
She is definitely easy to work with and will communicate through email, phone, or facebook. We also did our Engagement Photo session with her. Everyone who saw the pictures were very impressed!! Can’t say much more besides a perfect and talented photographer! ” – Ted & Stephanie C. (Bride & Groom)


“WOW! We are SO impressed with the quality of the pictures (not to mention the volume!) from our wedding; we knew they
were going to be good but were absolutely blown away when the disks arrived and we were able to see your incredible work.Please feel free to use any comments you’d like on your website; I assure you we aren’t exaggerating our appreciation and have already told LOTS of people how impressed we were by your skills. Thank you!!” – Tom & Kristen S. (Bride & Groom)


“Becky, we can’t thank you enough for your awesome talent and what you did for our wedding. The photos are amazing. Your upbeat and fun loving personality made us completely confident in your work. We loved having you capture all of our cherished moments on the most important day of our lives. It was the most important aspect of our wedding that we could continue to re-live the day for many years to come. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for us. We love you! Thank you!” – Josh & Kelli B. (Bride & Groom)


“Dear Becky, Rob and I wanted to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude for your absolutely breath-taking photography at our wedding on September 18th! We love your energy, passion, and adventurous spirit. By the end of the weekend you became much more than our photographer, you became our friend. Your love for your work shines through with every click of the camera. Many, many thanks for capturing our wedding memories.” – Rob & Cailie B. (Bride & Groom)


“Becky, Thank you so much for the AMAZING photos you took!  We are in awe of the wonderful job you did. We can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond icon smile Raves & Applause ” – Melissa & Shaun E. (Bride & Groom)


“Thank you so much for shooting our wedding!  That is an amazing gift we will have the rest of our lives.  Thank you for being so generous with your time for the extra photo shoot [at sunset]. You really do wonderful work and you make it easy to work with because you love what you do.   You have a great attitude which encourages your subject to feel comfortable and have fun with the pictures.  You are absolutely professional and at the same time fun and energetic.  A great mix. I hope you have many many years of wonderful success with your business.  It is exciting to watch from the sidelines and see it grow. ” – Luke & Nina O. (Bride & Groom)


“I have to start by saying that ‘Thank You’ is not even enough for what you did with our pictures. Honestly, I knew you were good and couldn’t wait to work with you, but you pretty much blew both Brad & my expectations away!!! When I saw the pictures on the blog I basically freaked out… not to mention everyone who saw them was pretty much speechless… I think you should probably prepare yourself for becoming a big deal becasue the amount of talent you have is unreal!”    - Kate D. (Bride)


” The pics are INCREDIBLE!  I called my mom and sister screaming and crying because I was sooo happy!!!”  Megan W. (Bride)
” Thank you so much for the beautiful job of your work of photography that you did for my daughter Megan’s wedding last Saturday. She was soooooo excited today to find that you already have some of their photos on your blog. They are totally awesome!!!”  - Malrene R. (Mother of Megan / Bride)


“Becky, you are amazing!  I got the proof book and I just love it! It is truly wonderful and beautiful… Not one person that has seen the pictures has said anything but how incredible and stunning your photography is. Someone at grad school today saw a picture on my desktop and was just flabbergasted at how awesome it looked… saying ‘you have to send that into a contest!’” – Penny H (Bride)


“Chris and I are about to board our flight… we were able to catch up with your latest blog post. Neeedless to say… we are blown away…If you need either of us as a reference for anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. You truly have a special eye.” – Scott & Christine V.  (Bride & Groom)


“I was at Tracey & Darren’s wedding and WOW!!!  I just looked at the blog site with some of their pictures! Amazing! You are very gifted! I’ve seen a LOT of wedding photos and these blow them away. Just wanted to say FANTASTIC job… Beautiful, just beautiful!”  - Brooke S. (Friend of Bride & Groom)


“The pictures are brilliant. I could not have asked for anything more.” – Amanda C. (Bride)


“We love the pictures. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything was great. You were very professional and well organized. We felt that things went very smoothly. Thank you for capturing this day for us!!!” – John & Greta K. (Bride & Groom)


“They look amazing! It is going to be so difficult to pick and choose which ones to print. Thank you again for your awesome job. Everyone has been so impressed with our pictures!” – Kevin & Jamie C. (Bride & Groom)


“Oh my gosh! Becky, the pictures are amazing. Thank you so much for everything. You were fabulous… I can’t begin to say how much I enjoyed working with you on our special day, words can’t even begin to explain! You were so creative and easy to work with… I get chocked up just looking at the pictures. You captured everything and more from our day. Honestly, I’ll recommend you to anyone and everyone. You were amazing!” – Cara H. (Bride)


“You captured our day perfectly. We have had so many people check out your blog and love the work you did. Everyone is so impressed. Thank you so much for working with us and giving us such beautiful memories. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Chris & Cate O. (Bride & Groom)


“You are absolutely perfection. The pictures are beyond my hopes and dreams for Jessi…. Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of the special day for our family.” – Sheri N. (Mother of the Bride)


“I can not express in words how beautiful the pictures are and how well you captured our special day and how grateful we are to have you as our photographer! Thank you, thank you, thank you…. you are an amazing photographer and sooo talented…. we are soooo happy with the results, words can not express. We love you!  Thanks!” – Daisy P. (Bride)